Standard products


The basis for individual success

For us, standard means more than just off the shelf. With our expertise in the construction of complex systems, we manufacture high-quality standardized products and prefabricated modules from container stations and dosing systems to supply equipment for test benches. And like everything at PURPLAN, these are customized to meet the needs of our customers. In this way, standard becomes a strong basis for customized systems.



Filling-manipulator are used specifically for filling and dosing liquids into containers. The filling system consists of 3 main components: filling and dosing device, pallet scale and weighing terminal.


Deadman switch

Deadman switch stand for "attention and emergency stop button". A manually operated, automatically closing safety device that prevents large quantities of water-polluting liquids from escaping when filling containers.


Bottom-inlet box

Bottom-inlet box to ensure rainwater drainage at filling stations. The drainage system for track unloading is used to separate rainwater and leakage liquids and is installed in the collection area of the truck loading points.


Container stations

Container stations are part of PURPLAN's tank systems. The PUR components are conditioned in them. They enable automatic filling of the day tanks, whereby the PUR components are optimally preconditioned, and are particularly space-saving thanks to their compact design.


Dosing units

Dosing units are used to dose and supply a specified quantity of liquids, gases and solids. Processes that use dosing systems are easily reproducible, which is important in order to meet strict quality standards. At the same time, they increase efficiency through consistent dosing.


Double-walled pipes

Double-walled pipes for heating and cooling various liquids. While a medium flows through the inner pipe, the space between it and the outer pipe (protective pipe) is used to control the temperature of the appropriate viscosity.


Heating pocket

Heating pockets are used to control the temperature of parts of a system. These custom-made products are used for both thermal oil and water.


Mobile scale

Mobile scale means using a scale on a pallet truck. For more time and performance efficiency in your production.


Piggable pipelines

In piggable pipelines, the pipe contents are completely emptied with the aid of an inserted fitting body (pig). Pigging reduces product mixing to a minimum.


Our standards, Your benefit

PURPLAN standard items are providing various benefits. As those products are pre-designed in a modular format, they can be produced very quickly, without any obstacles. Nevertheless they can be adapted to individual production requirements and challenges. Thus our standard solutions are the perfect addition to existing industrial installations.