Reaction Plants – Reactors


Individual Reactors for Modern Synthetic Resins

In the production of synthetic resins, optimal material flow and dosing accuracy are decisive. PURPLAN's customers place high demands on the production of their synthetic resins. We meet these expectations with reaction systems for modern synthetic resin production that are individually tailored to the respective requirement profile. The systems produce synthetic resin, e.g. for subsequent use as a binder in coating systems or as components in paints and adhesives. The PURPLAN plants are equipped with reactors of -1 / + 10 bar and 300 degrees Celsius. They heat and cool with thermal oil via external half-pipe heating coils. The direct cooling takes place via internal cooling coil

PURPLAN know-how

  • Plants for chemical recycling of polyurethanes
  • Plants for phenolic resin are operated in the feed process as well as in the one-pot process with acid or base catalysis. The safety-related design guarantees a closed production process.
  • Plant for the production of polyurethane dispersion by polyaddition
  • Plants for the production of macromolecules by radical polymerisation
  • Plants for the production of prepolymers, which still have to be soluble and meltable
  • Plants for the production of macromolecules by radical polymerization

Cost-Minimizing and reproducible Batches

Using a horizontal design for a Reactor, optimal material flows and high dosing accuracies can be combined on a low space requirement. This ensures an efficient production process and constant quality. Also, overall production costs are minimized while a reproducible production is guaranteed. Our Portfolio includes the design and installation of synthetic resin reactors up to -1/+10 bar and 300° C.