A utility plant is a structural system used to supply resources to industry and the public. These resources include, for example, gas, water, electricity, heat, or dried compressed air.


Supplying Facilities

The structure and function of a supply system

All industrial processes require the supply of energy as a basis. In this context, experts refer to the necessary energy supply for production plants. The supplied energy can be stored in basic materials such as gas and oil. Alternatively, it is available directly in the form of electricity (electrical energy).

In either case, supply lines are required to transport the necessary energy for the manufacturing processes in production. These special lines are an essential component of complex supply systems. Examples include interconnected piping systems for supplying heating gas and the typical overhead power supply cables or hydraulic heating and cooling water systems in manufacturing plants.


Engineering of a supply system

There is more to complete engineering of a utility plant than piping: A central core for the generation or storage of energy or material energy carriers. This applies, for example, to a liquefied gas tank as a storage tank or a heat storage tank for heating water.

In addition, there are segments for releasing or converting the stored energy into a usable form for the consumers. Furthermore, the closed circuit of a supply system may include equipment for filtering exhaust gases and other waste products.




Heating and Cooling Equipment

A high amount of production processes requires heating or cooling equipment. We ensure, that external heat and cold are supplied consistent and reliable. We include the optimal integration of our utilities from the very first draft. Warm or Hot Water, cooling or vacuum technology - Our engineers design the system to use any source of energy optimal.

Our engineering designs your system taking into account all the necessary factors for efficient energy use when building your heating or cooling system.

When building your heating system, very different temperatures are required. We implement both warm water (up to 90 ° C) and hot water (up to 130 ° C), as well as thermal oil (up to 320 ° C) or steam. In this way we can cater to your very individual requirements.

Cooling systems have different requirements. We can add the required cooling to these through various technologies. We can use nitrogen, compressed air or vacuum technology to cool your industrial refrigeration system down to the desired temperature.

Economic Efficiency

PURPLAN offers plants for the chemical industry and the related utilities out of one hand. We know, that energy is a main factor for profitability. Plants, in which all components are well-tuned, help to save energy. We make our contribution using fully integrated utilities and optimal tempering systems.

The modern supplying facilities from PURPLAN

PURPLAN supplies state-of-the-art chemical plants as well as the necessary equipment for process engineering supply - all from a single source.

Our equipment includes high-quality heating and cooling equipment to ensure production processes within the industry. PURPLAN thus offers the perfect know-how for every key technology in terms of energy efficiency.

PURPLAN Know-how

  • Warm Water up to 90°C
  • Hot Water up to 130°C
  • Thermal Oil up to 320°C
  • Steam up to 64 bar and 20 to/h
  • Pre-Assembled Secondary Loops
  • Boilers incl. fuel supply and exhaust air system
  • Tempering and Energy Concepts
  • Waste Water Treatment

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