PU Recycling

Innovative solutions for the production of alternative, environmentally friendly polyols.

PU recycling stands for the holistic planning and assembly of process engineering systems for the production of alternative polypoles from PUR and PET residues.

In cooperation with RAMPF Eco Solutions, production residues are turned into high-quality raw materials. Our tailor-made systems reduce your raw material, transport and disposal costs and enable environmentally friendly PUR production.

PURPLAN and RAMPF combine many years of experience in the development of innovative, sustainable solutions in industrial plant construction. We guarantee your success through comprehensive support. The systems can also be used for the production of new polyols based on phthalic anhydride. Smaller amounts of waste can also be recycled economically.



With our special approach you get your own, tailor-made and cost-efficient polyol production. At the same time, your polyols retain a particularly high quality. By reusing production residues, fewer raw materials are used and energy consumption is also significantly reduced.

With our PU recycling, the entire production cycle is more ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly. Because if more products are made from recycled PUR in the future, fewer raw materials will flow into waste incineration for energy recovery. This also reduces CO2 emissions. In addition, less plastic waste ends up in landfills.

Rely on PU recycling now!