Double-walled pipes

Double-walled pipes consist of two pipes — the inner pipe and the outer pipe. While a medium flows through the inner pipe, the space between the outer pipe (protective pipe) is used to regulate the temperature to the appropriate viscosity. A second medium (tempering agent) such as thermal oil is introduced here.

Double-walled pipelines are usually used to heat or cool a medium or to monitor and secure hazardous liquids.

Double-walled pipelines and entire pipeline systems mean several pipes for one or more systems.

Different types of double-walled pipes

There are various pipes that differ in terms of properties, material and application. We would be happy to create an individual solution for you on request.


In this video you can see a small excerpt from the production of double-walled pipes in our workshop. We manufacture individual and customized pipes to suit the needs of your system.


Leakage monitoring

In general, leak detection systems (leak monitoring systems) are used on underground and above ground pipes and tanks for leak monitoring (required by law). Leaks in pipes and systems can cause extensive damage. For this reason, pipes and containers must be checked regularly once a year by monitoring the pressure or vacuum as soon as they touch the ground. Alternatively, a drip pan or a special floor area can be installed, but this is much more complex than building the pipe twice.

The Water Resources Act (WHG) applies in Germany to protect the groundwater. For this reason, containers, tanks and pipelines are subject to certain requirements, which stipulate, among other things, that safety systems must be used that report a leak quickly and reliably before the groundwater can be contaminated. Leak detection systems must have official approval.

Our annual and qualified leakage monitoring offers active and preventive protection against the failure of systems and machines as well as against the escape of unwanted liquids.


Other monitoring:

  •  Pressure monitoring
  • Vacuum monitoring

Pipeline construction

We carry out the qualified installation of double-walled pipes with the highest level of craftsmanship. We have been relying on our highly qualified specialists and our engineering expertise for many years. Our PURPLAN GmbH team meets the strict requirements of DIN CEN/TS 1591-4 and is SCC-trained. This means that we can also meet complex requirements in pipeline construction.


For the construction of complex industrial plants and pipe systems, a number of important standards and regulations must be observed. The quality and safety of everyone involved is very important to us. For this reason, we comply with relevant regulations and standards. We would be happy to advise you on the details.

Questions and answers

The delivery time depends on many factors and differs per customer. On request, we will be happy to give you a specific delivery time.


Yes, we also deliver our products abroad. Thanks to our branches in Germany, China and the USA, we are also well connected globally.


Yes, in addition to leakage monitoring, we also carry out pressure monitoring and vacuum monitoring. We will be happy to provide you with further information on request.


Double-walled pipelines are extremely complex to manufacture, with the costs depending on the material, application, diameter and length. For a quotation, we need detailed information about the exact idea. Ideally, you can already provide us with a 3D model showing the exact specifications. We would be happy to create such a 3D model for you by scanning it or by drawing it into an existing 3D model. Please feel free to contact us.


Double-walled pipes can be installed underground, but require special individual approval.


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