Social Sustainability

At PURPLAN, we are fully aware of the significant social responsibility we bear. We are committed to promoting educational equity and equal opportunities. People are our top priority.

Family-Friendly Employer

In 2018, the Family Alliances of the City and County of Osnabrück awarded the "Family-Friendly Employer" certification for the second time. County Executive Michael Lübbersmann and Mayor Wolfgang Griesert presented the certificate to companies that contribute to a better work-life balance through various measures and offerings. (Image: left: County Executive Dr. Michael Lübbersmann, Hanna Sandmann (PURPLAN), Mayor Wolfgang Griesert)

Our commitment

At PURPLAN, we take responsibility for our employees and society as a whole. We create a safe working environment with fair conditions, equality, and inclusion. Furthermore, as a company, we aim to contribute to our region by strengthening the community and investing in sustainable projects.

Talent development

We support the Germany Scholarship initiative by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Students have the opportunity to write their thesis with us. We are proud that many of them choose to stay with our company and continue to grow with us.

Because "STEM" means future!

We inspire the younger generation for mathematics, computer science, technology, and natural sciences because STEM represents the future! By promoting STEM subjects, we offer young people a chance to contribute to the solutions of tomorrow. This also means job security, as there is still a shortage of skilled professionals in these fields. PURPLAN is actively involved in the MINT-Netzwerk Wallenhorst and is part of the STEM initiative in the Osnabrück district.


As a fair employer, PURPLAN offers its employees special benefits for their health and well-being, as well as flexible working hours. For more information about PURPLAN and our job openings, feel free to visit our career page!

Working at PURPLAN

Fairness and justice at PURPLAN begin with our responsibility as an employer. We embrace flat hierarchies, provide opportunities, and create a pleasant working environment where everyone can actively contribute.