PURPLAN can convince with ATEX compliant plants for the production of polyurethanes, ink, coatings and resins. This includes pilot plants, simple blending stations, tank farms, reactor plants and the respective utility systems as well as entire production lines. We realize your project while focusing on environmental protection and ensuring process safety. A well-designed interface for convenient operation of your plant is also key to our design. Benefit from our longstanding experience in the industry.


A design based on sanitary engineering principles is key to GMP compliance, which is why our pharmaceutical plants are developed and built with precisely that in mind. PURPLAN warrants flawless product purity, which is vital given the strict quality requirements in the industry. From small reactors to highly sophisticated production plants, we take care of your needs.


The foods industry has many established criteria, which have to be met by production plants. From meticulous adherence to constant temperatures and precise dosing of ingredients all the way to optimal agitation for prefect texture, we are a reliable partner for processing plants in the industry with years of experience under our belt.

Increase the efficiency of your production

with plants from Purplan

PURPLAN combines state-of-the-art engineering of your chemical plant with perfect craftsmanship.

Whether tank farm, mixing vessel or tote station – from the first planning steps to turnkey handover, we work along the entire value chain for polyurethane, paint, lacquer and synthetic resin production.

As an owner-managed family business with a young team of proven experts, we are one of the leading companies in chemical plant construction with locations in Germany, the USA and China.


As an owner-operated family enterprise with a young team of qualified professionals we are among the leading companies in this industry with representations on three different continents – Germany, the US and China.


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Maximum Utilization

Benefit from the economic advantages of our pigging technology.



Innovative Recycling Plants

The environmental pollution by plastics is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Innovative recycling and disposal processes are in need for the ever-increasing amount of waste.



PURPLAN Innovation

Our new semi-automated orbital welding machine: PURPLAN cuts the duration of the on-site installation. With our in-house developed orbital welding machine we move critical processes from the site into the workshop




PURPLAN uses the latest laser based scanning technology to digitalize your existing plants. PURscan enables you to visit your virtual plant.



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