Technical Precision and Craftsmanship

We know, due to our experience in realizing different projects in the chemical industry, that installation is not just like installation. Therefore, PURPLAN counts on highly skilled employees and engineering expertise. Our well-coordinated team meets all requirements for qualified assembly and installation according to DIN CEN / TS 1591-4 and the high standards of occupational safety. SCC-trained fitters and certified welders have all the necessary qualifications for all relevant welding processes. Regular, targeted training and education ensure that we continue to maintain our high standards. This is the only way to maintain the best quality with the highest precision over the long term.


In order to guarantee comparable quality in pipeline construction, we ensure that many regulations, norms, standards and certificates are complied with when installing and assembling our industrial systems.

  • Water Resources Act
  • Occupational safety management system to certify the requirements for systematic and effective occupational safety
  • Construction regulations for pipelines made of metallic materials
  • Pressure equipment directive for placing pressure equipment on the market within the European Economic Area
  • Standard for the execution of steel structures and aluminum structures, part 1 + 2
  • GOST: compliance with Russian norms
  • Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials
  • Standard for the examination of welders (fusion welding). Part 1: steels
  • Certified welders according to QW-301, Section IX according to US standards
  • SCC employees: SCC stands for "Safety Certificate Contractors" and is a set of rules for a certifiable management system