PURPLAN is part of the MINT initiative in the district of Osnabrück

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PURPLAN is one of 25 representatives from the skilled trades, industry, educational institutions and cities and municipalities in the "STEM initiative in the district of Osnabrück" steering group. The common goal is to find and retain STEM specialists at an early stage. To this end, Hanna Sandmann and Tabea Helmus from PURPLAN visited a meeting of the steering group.

The STEM Coordination Office in the district of Osnabrück plays an important role in establishing new collaborations and initiating innovative projects. For the past six months, the coordination office has been working closely with the school-business service center of MaßArbeit and the district's education coordination department to further expand and strengthen the STEM network in the Osnabrück region. A steering group has been set up to improve the transparency of existing projects and to promote exchange between the various initiatives.

STEM coordinator Anke Kellermeier and Sandra Schürmann, Head of the Office for Skilled Workers, emphasized that it is important to focus on all stakeholders along the education chain, including parents, in order to ensure the success of the network. A survey of daycare centers, schools and universities was conducted in January and February 2023, which revealed that there is a great deal of interest in STEM topics and new projects in the district. 

In order to successfully promote the topic of STEM in the Osnabrück region, it is important to involve companies in the district more in STEM activities. The establishment of the coordination office at WIGOS and the support provided by the new steering group create the ideal conditions for successfully expanding and strengthening the STEM network in the district.

Source: www.wigos.de

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