Process Automation With Purplan

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Process Automation 4.0. Our International Solution:

Process Automation 4.0 
Our International Solution:

    • High professional expertise in the entire range of process automation in fluid and solid applications 
    • Individual concepts also for the special plant engineering    
    • Complex Human Machine Interface (HMI) with central process management system
    • State of the art safety standards remote control service
    • UL508A panel shop

      Siemens SIMATIC S5, S7 | Siemens SIMATIC TIA-Portal V13/V14| Siemens SIMATIC WinCC flexible | Siemens SIMATIC WinCC (TIA-Portal) | Siemens SCADA SIMATIC WinCC V7.x | Add-On PM-Control, PM-Quality und PM-Open HOST | Allen Bradley | RSLogix5000 | GTI PROCON-WIN